What we do

Software Development

We design and build software for various applications including Web Applications, Mobile Applications, Data Management Systems, Process Automation Software and more.

Artificial Intelligence

We develop Artificial Intelligence Applications for businesses and organizations in various sectors.

Geographic Information Systems

We can support you in GIS data processing and software development. We build applications for collecting, managing, analysing, visualizing and utilizing Geospatial data.

Data Science Services

Data mining, analysis, cleansing, aggregation, integration, interactive online visualization and technical consultancy.

System Administration

We do Software Installation, Deployment, Configuration and Mantainace for on-premise servers and cloud platforms.

ICT Consultancy

We provide technical ICT Consultancy Services. We can give you advice on various digital solutions to support your operations.

Would you like to automate your Customer Care on Facebook Messenger using a Chatbot?

  • Provide Information about your services instantly and automatically.
  • Automate answers to Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Allow users to easily find nearest service locations.
  • Allow users to explore your content within Facebook Messenger.
  • Provide automated periodic updates.
  • Easily send messages to your subscribers in bulk.
  • Conduct surveys, collect structured data and feedback using Facebook Messenger.
  • Utilize Artificial Intelligence to provide smart virtual assistance to your clients.
  • Get a chatbot as service or deploy it on your own servers.

Do you want to improve your data collection activities?

  • Transform your paper based forms to digital forms on mobile devices.
  • Compile data from multiple data collectors automatically.
  • Capture wide range of data formats including Images, Audio, Video, GPS location, Time, Signatures and more.
  • Perform offline and online data collection reliably.
  • Get automatic reports and data visualizations instantly.
  • Easily monitor your data collection progress.
  • Save time and improve data quality.
  • Reduce cost.

Make better use of Geographical Data

  • Build custom GIS applications.
  • Collect Geographical data more efficiently.
  • Allow your clients to easily find your nearest service locations.
  • Manage your geographical data using a reliable database and user friendly interface.
  • Build interactive dashboards for monitoring, analysis and report generations.
  • Process, Manage and Serve your own Aerial/Satetilite Images.
  • Get consultany and technical support on all matters related to Geographical information Systems.