Mobile Data Collection

Tehamalab provides digital tools and technical expertise to help improve your field data collection operations. Our service will allow you to ...
  • Transform your paper based forms to digital forms on mobile devices.
  • Compile data from multiple data collectors automatically.
  • Capture wide range of data formats including Images, Audio, Video, GPS location, Time, Signatures and more.
  • Perform offline and online data collection reliably.
  • Get automatic reports and data visualizations instantly.
  • Easily monitor your data collection progress.
  • Save timeĀ and improve data quality.
  • Reduce cost.

Collect data anywhere

  • Use a an Android app on phones and tablets or use any web browser
  • Collect data online and offline

Manage and Analyze data easily

  • Get access to a modern and powerful online dashboard.
  • Get summary reports with charts, graphs, maps and table easily.
  • View the submitted data instantly.
  • Export the collected data in many formats.
  • Optionally deploy the dashboard on your own server.

Get extensive technical support

  • We will design digital questionnaires for you.
  • We will provide training on how to use our tools.
  • We can help you to clean the collected data.
  • We can help in analysis of your data and building custom automated reports.
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