Automate your Customer Care on Facebook Messenger using Chatbots

  • Provide Information about your services instantly and automatically.
  • Automate answers to Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Allow users to easily find nearest service locations.
  • Allow users to explore your content within Facebook Messenger.
  • Provide automated periodic updates.
  • Easily send messages to your subscribers in bulk.
  • Conduct surveys, collect structured data and feedback using Facebook Messenger.
  • Utilize Artificial Intelligence to provide smart virtual assistance to your clients.
  • Get a chatbot as service or deploy it on your own servers.
  • Get detailed analytics.

Social networks, especially messaging applications, account for the most of time spent by Internet users online.

Although platforms like Messenger can be very helpful in improving your customer support, providing a quick response to every customer request can be very difficult. That is why we would like to help you automate some of your common tasks on Facebook Messenger.

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